Services - Packshots

Service_Packshot_002What PACKSHOTS do you need?

If you sell products online you already know the power of first-class photographs. Clean, simple images are essential in helping customers choose your product over a competitors. The image and lighting must show the quality of the product against a perfect white background that is always consistent with great zoom optimisation.

The best results take time and patience, with a touch of OCD.

Estimates are based on:

  • What are your Ecommerce requirements?
  • How many products are there?
  • How often do you need them photographed?
  • Prices are cost per image with discounts for bulk quantities.


Essentials for industry standard pack shots.

  • Toned and colour corrected
  • Scratches and minor imperfections removed
  • Rename products
  • White background
  • Images cropped to your specific web dimension
  • Uploaded to Dropbox or We transfer
  • Dusting, steaming/ironing
  • Unpack/Repack