Services - Photo Workshops

Everyone is a photographer in today’s iphone armed generation. Problem is, not everyone is a well-informed, trained photographer who knows the art and science of taking a good Ecommerce product photograph. That’s why I’ve started running amateur-to-expert workshops. The way I see it, if everyone IS going to be a photographer, then I would like them to be a good one. After all, the world of the web would be a much nicer place if it were full of beautifully lit product shots that truly capture the essence of a brand rather than much of the dross cluttering up the bandwidth currently.

So, what do I offer? 

Tailor-made photo workshops specific to you company’s requirements.

Photoworkshop_005I  start with a visit to your premises to assess the space and where we can fit a table-top set up. We have a look at any camera/lighting equipment you may already have and what you need.

Next step – ping over a procurement list for the correct equipment. Once the equipment arrives, we build  a photo studio with the chosen dedicated team members on site. Note the stronger an interest the team members have in photography and photoshop, the more valuable the time will be spent.  Especially  with my Ecommerce for dummies approach to learning.

I spend up to 3 days onsite, the first day is the most challenging but by day 3 you’ll be chuffed to bits with all the new skills learned. From photographing on a white background, camera settings, studio lighting set-ups, working with Raw files, aperture and shutter speeds, and how to manipulate your studio lights to ensure you keep the sweet spot exposure of F.22.

Photoshop tricks of the trade, include how to batch process a white background, sharpness for web clarity, optimized crops, dodge and burn, rubber stamp, clipping paths, histogram charts, true white, which is 255.

The Results – You’ll be a near pro in Ecommerce product photography.  Fast tracked through an intensive, tailor-made photo workshop, which can be backed up with a refresher course.

This unique approach to Ecommerce Photography workshops is well worth the investment for the invaluable skills learned. You won’t look back, especially when the ching-ching of the till starts to ring.